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Kuta Beach Lombok, The main attraction

Kuta Beach Lombok, The main attraction

Kuta Beach Lombok – This beach is very popular in Lombok, besides it is the best beach found on this island. The local Sasak legend said that one beautiful Princess named Putri Mandalika (Princess Mandalika) had found her tragic faith here.

She was so perfect and the kind of loveable woman by all of her people. There were some Princes deeply felt in love to her and all insisted on marrying her. She was so confused, but then The Almighty God gave her a solution for which she obeyed in her devotion and for her love to all of her people.

Shortly it is said she was transformed into sea-worms of the local language is called ‘Nyale’. One annual ceremony is held here on Kuta Beach, and this become inseparable tradition of the local Sasak people. To remind on her, some locals named the beach as Putri Mandalika Beach. Some hotels and bungalows now are available in Kuta Beach. It is about 60 kilometres from Mataram to the South.

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