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Full Boards 4D3N Lombok Package 2017-2018

DAY 1: AIRPORT – Arrive International Airport of Lombok.
Duration: ± 10 Hours
Tour Culture and Natural

  1. Desa Sade / Rambitan: Sade village is a traditional village sasak. In this village there called the rice storage barns. The most unique of this place is the floor made of dung mixed with clay it is intended to repel mosquitoes or flies. Here can also be find traditional mosques and souvenir as knickknacks in the form of necklaces, bracelets, toys and songket or so-called scarf. The peoples of this village are very upholding the customs in daily activities.
  2. Kuta Beach: Kuta Beach is one of the unspoiled beaches dazzling with soft white sand and the clarity of the water, here you can relax and rest for a while. This beach became famous lately and crowded in the visit especially for surfers both domestic and foreign.
  3. Tanjung Aan Beach: Very popular recently among domestic tourists. This beach offers an outstanding masterpiece with the beauty of natural scenery, coastal and marine water clarity. Enjoy the softness of white sand that accompany step when you set foot on this beach.
  4. Banyumulek: This village is a producer of handicrafts made of clay and ceramics. Various types of crafts produced as wall hangings, animals such as lizards, elephants, snakes etc. Adorned with vases of flowers, calligraphy and other knickknacks. When you visit this place you can also find out the manufacturing process and learn how to make different types of crafts from clay.
  5. Sukarara Village: This village is one of the villages producing woven fabric and songket in Lombok. In this place you can see the process and the way of making fabric / songket which are doing a traditional and hereditary sasak of ancestors who bequeathed to their descendants.
  6. Lunch at Kuta Beach Lombok and Dinner at Restaurant Ayam Taliwang Mataram.

Tour name: Gili Trawangan Tour
Duration: ± 10 Hours 
Tour Titel: Nature and Gili Island
Explanation :

  1. Bukit Malimbu 1: is one place that should you flown since the place is very famous for their stunning natural View. Here you will be stunned by the scenery is extraordinary. Most tourists take pictures at this place with the background of the sea off the coast really very riveting hearts. From here you can watch the scenery of Mount Agung in Bali and the beauty of the sunset perfectly.
  2. Malimbu II: Bay View Mifah with very clear sea water can be clearly visible and surrounded by hills Malimbu two bays between Malibu Bay and Mifah Bay, this place is very ideal for Selfy and group photo with the background 3Gili (Gili Air, Meno and Trawangan) and very clearly from you can see Mount Agung Bali, the place is usually many who stop for a drink Coconut or while enjoying the Sunset.
  3. Pelabuhan Teluk Nare: one port in Lombok which is best choice to cross from here to 3 world famous attractions of Gili Air, Meno and Trawangan. From this port we can reach  Trawangan Island approximately for 40 minutes by using the outrigger boat. The port began operations from 07.00 am to 17.00 pm.
  4. Gili Trawangan: It is the center of the most famous tourist destinations and visited among the three Island both foreign tourists and domestic. One of the advantages of this Island is accommodation is more complete than the other Island. No wonder if the Island is to serve as a barometer of tourism in Lombok. Gili Trawangan is a wide range activities can be done as beach activities include: diving, snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing or a stroll around the island using cidomo (traditional transportation Lombok drawn using horsepower, like the buggy in Java).
  5. Lunch in Gili Trawangan and DINNER Local Restaurant in Senggigi area with Indonesian foods.

Tour name: Pink Beach Sand Beach East Lombok
Duration: ± 8 Hours

  1. PETELU Island: One Small Island which is located in the southern part of East Lombok, a very suitable place for you like Underwater adventure, coral and hundreds of ornamental fish can be found at this Petelu Island, enjoy the underwater scenery, Next to –
  2. BEACH PINK1: One thing that the main attraction of the Pink Beach is a sand-colored of send is Pink. In Indonesia, there are only two places beach sand colored Pink, one of which is located on the island of Komodo, when viewed more closely, it is actually the original color of the sand beach is actually white, but it is mixed with crushed pieces of coral pink, as the procession of nature then flakes of coral reefs is then fused and formed a pink color, especially when exposed to sea water and exposed to sunlight, so its pink color clearly visible.
  3. BEACH Pink2: Besides sand beaches typical pink color, this beach also has very impressive natural scenery. Surrounded by cliffs – climbing high enough to berugak (a kind of cottage / pavilion) above is provided to the tourists enjoy the expanse of the sea. The view from the top of the cliff will make you amazed by the beautiful panorama below the cliffs. Typical aroma of the sea water, caressing breeze and the sound of waves hitting the reef make the hearts anyone who visit here to be pleasure.
  4. Maringgih Island: The only Gili or Small Island in Indonesia, which is only to witness the beauty ANIMALS STARFISH with snorkel around approximately 50 meters from the beach, underwater scenery is amazing, do not forget to bring a camera to capture the scenery Waterproof underwater.
  5. SAND Island: One island with white sand, here you can do water activities such as swimming, photo together while enjoying the charm of Gili sand beach, this place is an ideal site for Pre wedding or events honeymoon because the islands without RESIDENTS.
  6. Lunch will be serving PINK BEACH 2 (sea foods)


After breakfast at hotel, pick-up for the City Tour Visiting Mataram City Shopping Center, Narmada Park and Culinary after that program direct to Airport BIL to process check-in and the program is completed.

Price List per pax – (IDR)
HOTEL 4-6 7-9 10-14
Jayakarta Beach Hotel*4 2.500.000,- 2.000.000,- 1.750.000,-
Santosa Villas and Resort*4 2.500.000,- 2.000.000,- 2.750.000,-
Hotel Holiday Resort*4 2.500.000,- 2.000.000,- 1.750.000,-
Graha Beach Hotel*3 2.000.000,- 1.700.000,- 1.500.000,-
Puri Saron Hotel Senggigi*3 2.000.000,- 1.700.000,- 1.500.000,-
Hotel Puri Bunga Senggigi*3 2.000.000,- 1.700.000,- 1.500.000,-
Hotel Central Inn*2+ 1.750.000,- 1.450.000,- 1.350.000,-
Grand Hotel Senggigi*2 1.650.000,- 1.450.000,- 1.350.000,-
Fave Hotel*3 1.750.000,- 1.500.000,- 1.500.000,-
Hotel Puri Senggigi*2 1.650.000,- 1.450.000,- 1.350.000,-

– 3 Night Stay Hotel choice
– 3x breakfast buffets in hotels
– 3x Dinner at Local Restaurant (sea Foods)
– 3x Lunch at Local Restaurant
– Entree ticket to every destination
– Mineral Water on Tour
– Boat Charter to Gili Trawangan
– Boat Charter to PINK Beach
– Private Car on tour
– Transfers Airport – Hotel – Airport
– Car Parking in Every Attraction
– Guide Available (English, German, Italy, France, Arabic, Korean, Nederland)

Valid till 24 October 2017